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In collaboration with Les Elfes, it is our pleasure to offer a professional
souvenir package of your child's Les Elfes skiing experience. The souvenirs give
you a taste of your child’s experience and also makes an amazing souvenir for
the future.

We create a professional video of your child’s ski experience by following
them during their ski lessons, capturing their progress and then editing the
footage into a 3-minute HD video. The videos are fun, action-packed and
professionally created. Within a few weeks of the camp ending the edited video
is sent to parents via email to download.


Frequently asked questions:

1. How long is the video?
After reviewing and selecting from footage throughout the week of the camp,
the final montage is usually about 3 minutes in length.

2. How long after the camp will I receive the video?
After the camp the footage is processed and then edited into a montage. The vide is normally sent within a month of the end of the the camp.

3. How do I get the content?
A link to download the video is sent to your email. It is advised that you download the video and save it on your computer.


4. Is the video only of skiing or does it also include other things?
The video focuses on skiing only.


5. How do I book and pay?
Booking is via the Les Elfes Registration Form and pay as a part of the Total Camp Fee.

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